Riley, Kansas HighSchools, 1875-1959

RL Centennial Page 29

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Sunflower/Riley Festival, September 20, 2014

Come on, come all

To the festival this fall!

The Sunflower Festival will now take place in the Flag Garden, 223 S. Broadway, Riley, KS.

In the garden there will be:

Riley Boy Scouts Rope Bridge

Mountain Men camps

Blacksmith Demonstration – if raining, no demonstration will take place

Butter Churning Demonstration

Dime Toss Game – bring lots of dimes!

Silent Auction


FOOD – brats/hot dogs, drink & chips — must purchase as this is not part of the free community meal.

Come out and support the Arts & Memories Museum and the Riley Development Association.

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Calling all Quilters! Sunflower Block Party


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Hurry, Hurry! Kansas City Royals Tickets

MUST HURRY!   Deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, July 25, 2014.

The museum has received four (4) Kansas City Royals Tickets.  They were to be used in a silent auction, but because the tickets are for this season (2014) and the date of Bingo has been moved to a later date, we wanted to give people an opportunity to win these tickets.

All four tickets will go to one person.

The suggested donation is $5 to enter this drawing.

Download the following pdf, fill it out, and mail to the museum with your donation.




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Events Planned

The Arts & Memories Museum has some events planned for the rest of 2014.  Here are the one we have planned so far:

Bingo – Time and Date to be Announced

Geology and Earth Science – Time and Date to be Announced

The Sunflower Gathering, also known as the Prairie Sunflower Festival –              September 20, 2014, 305 South Remmele Street, Riley, Kansas, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Photos with St. Nick – Time and Date to be Announced

Our Sponsors thus far for some of the events are:

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Chiefs

Manhattan Running Company

Thank you Sponsors!

Our Sponsor list will be update as we secure sponsors.

Follow this blog or sign up for our newsletter to stay in tune with what is happening at the museum!

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Hassebroek                                                                                                                                         by Alberta H. Otto, grandaughter, Riley, Kansas, 

From the Pioneer of the Bluestem Prairie, p. 350, Riley County, Number 792

Casper William hassebroek was born on 23 August 1836 at Oldersum, Prussia, son of William Olten and Anna (Freeks) Hassebroek.  He was in school at an early age and given a thorough German education.  When he was 17 years of age, he came with his parents and settled in Ogle County, Illinois.  On 13 January 1862 he married Ida Groenhagen at Forreston, Illinois.  Ida was born 23 November 1838 at Sickwerrum, Hanover, Germany, daughter of Harm and Anna (Sweets) Groenhage.

Mr. Hassebroek farmed at Forreston, Illinois until 1870 when they came to Riley County and settled in Madison Township where the family farmed 160 acres of land in Section 2.  No fencing material was available to keep the work horses and cows at home, so they had to be tethered.  A smooth wire was available later which didn’t work too well, so the settlers were received when Mr. Hassebroek began making barbed wire.  Mr. Hassebroek was Presbyterian and a charter member of the Fairview Church.  He helped organize the Riley Presbyterian Church, was a ruling Elder and held other church offices.

In 1877** Mr. Hassebroek opened a General Merchandise store in Riley which he operated until his son, Enoch, and wife, Ellen, bought it in 1901.  They operated the store until their deaths at which time operation of the business was carried on by Enoch’s sons: Casper Willian who died in 1969, and Donald Griffith who died in 1972.  The store is still in operation today*, under the “Hassebroek Inc.” name.

Casper William and Ida Hassebroek had five children born at Forreston, Illinois: 1) Hattie born 9 November 1862, died 30 August 1947, married 17 March 1881 George Visser; 2) William born 2 September 1864, [no additional information]; 3) Anna born 13 November 1865, died 19 January 1955, married 16 December 1885 Frank O. Clark; 4) Minnie born 2 January 1868, died 27 June 1911, married 17 March 1897 Edward M. Evans; 5) William born 23 August 1869, died 31 May 1940 at Topeka, Kansas, married 18 January 1904 Bessie B. McCord at Topeka.

Five more children of Willian and Ida were born at Riley: 1) Enoch born 4 July 1872, died 24 August 1961, married 3 March 1896 Ellen Griffith; 2) Mary born 3 November 1873, died 11 September 1923, married 12 March 1908 Dr. F. P. Goodwin; 3) Lydia born 1 September 1876, died 27 January 1885; 4) John born 15 September 1879, died 18 January 1959 at Marysville, Kansas, married 18 November 1914 Emma Stice; 5) Ida born 13 April 1881, died December 1918 at Clay Center, Kansas, married 12 August 1905 Arthur Downing.

Casper William Hassebroek died 13 June 1913 at Riley, Kansas, and Ida died 10 November 1929.  Both are buried at the Riley Cemetery.


* Today the Hassebroek building is in progress of being renovated to be home to the Arts & Memories Museum.  The geological items will remain in the current building.  In order to complete the renovations, we need your financial support.  Please consider donating toward this cause.

**While this article states the building was built in 1877, the museum has it listed as 1887, therefore, further research needs to be done to find out which is the correct date.

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William Hedke and Family

William Hedke was born on 16 Jul 1843 in Posen, Prussia, Germany and died 30 Jan 1891 at Randolph, KS.  He married on 12 Dec 1867 Ernestina Hoefner, who was the daughter of Julius and Augusta Hoefner.  She was born in Posen, Prussia, Germany and died 2 May 1904 at Randolph, KS.  Both are buried at Fancy Creek Cemetery.

William Hedke served as a solider in the Seven Week’s War between Prussia and Austria in 1866, and again in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870-71.  With a desire for a home where he might rear his family granting them the advantages and privileges not to be found in his homeland, he sailed for free America, landing in New York in 1872.

He remained in New York for a month, then came to Kansas to join an uncle.  They made ties for the railroad (Union Pacific) in “Timber City” south of Cleburne and by hard work he saved enough money to pay for passage for his wife and two small daughters the same fall.

He homesteaded a farm south of Randolph and later bought a farm north west of Randolph where he resided until his death.  The family was of Lutheran faith.

William and Ernestina’s children:

Emma, born 15 Jun 1869, Posen, Prussia, Germay. She married on 29 Sep 1889 to Herman Vogelsang, son of John H. and Elizabeth Vogelsang.  Emma died 31 Dec 1949 at Clay Center, KS.

Pauline, born 17 Jun 1872, Posen, Prussia, Germany.  She married 17 Apr 1897 to William Henry, son of Max and Caroline Henry.  Pauline died 28 Aug 1959.

Mary, born 1874 married William Norris in 1892.  She died 9 Nov 1942.

William, born 12 Sep 1976 and died 11 Jan 1951 at Salina, KS.

Ellen, born 2 Nov 1879.  She married Sheldon B. Laird, son of Selden and Adelia Laird on 1 Jan 1900.  Ellen died 20 Apr 1974 in California.

Bessie, born 18 May 1881.  She married John Olson, son of John and Anna Olson on 19 Mar 1900.  Bessie died 4 Mar 1951 at Elkfalls.

Fred, born 29 Oct 1884.  He married Selma Blaske.  Fred died Jan 1967 at Blue Rapids, KS.

Henry, born 31 Dec 1888 married Molly Simon. He died 3 Apr 1964 at Manhattan, KS.

Charles, born 30 Jun 1891.  He married Wilma Rolfs at Chepsto on 24 Jun (year unknown). Date of death unknown.

Edward, born 17 Feb 1894.  He married Flossie Barber on 14 Jan 1932.  He died 4 Dec 1965 at Kansas City, KS.

Source: Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie. (Manhattan, KS: Riley County Genealogical Society), 1976, p. 352.

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Businesses Located in Old Randolph, KS in 1902

Source: Randolph complied by Walter A. “Hooker” Boles

H. S. Riddle – groceries, boots

John Chelander – dealer in furniture and undertaking

S. Secrest and Sons – assisted by C. Logback and Irving Axelton

Mrs. C. V. Heath – millinery assisted by Alice and Margaret Johnson

N. P. Nordstrom – harness and saddlery making

John Parsons – roofing and spouting

Della Bloomberg – photograph gallery

F. B. Vawter – postmaster since 1897 assisted by Edward Shellembaum, also owns and operates a drug store

O. E. Edgerton – doctor here since 1885

A. Wikander – general merchandise, assisted by C. Lovgren and L. A. Hanson

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Cemetery List

Are you looking for grave sites of your ancestors?  If so, you may want to view the web site, “Find a Grave” –

The links to some cemeteries in the area we focus on are:

Bala Cemetery –

Barrett Cemetery -

Bellegrade Cemetery –

Carnahan-Garrison Cemetery –

Cedar Creek Cemetery –

Czech Moravian –

Crooked Creek Cemetery –

Fairview Cemetery –

Fancy Creek Randolph Cemetery –

Hohman Cemetery –

Mariadahl Cemetery –

Mill Creek (Grandview, Stockdale) Cemetery –

Lasita Cemetery –

Leonardville Cemetery –

Leonardville U.M.C. Cemetery –

May Day Cemetery –

Olsburg Cemetery –

Peach Grove Cemetery –

Pleasant Hill Cemetery –

Riley Cemetery –

Rose Hill Cemetery –

St. Johns Cemetery –

Swede Creek Cemetery –

Teske Family Cemetery –

Walsburg Lutheran Cemetery –


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Greetings from Leonardville, Kansas

From Larry & Peggy Winkler Collectionpc-leonardville01apc-leonardville01b


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