Six Reasons to Save Old Buildings by Julia Rocchi

The wording on this blog is by Julia Rocchi that was posted on the Preservation Nation Blog, dated March 10, 2014.

IMG_5491Six Reasons to Save Old Buildings

1.  Old buildings have intrinsic value.

2. When you tear down a building, you never know what’s being destroyed.

3. New businesses prefer old buildings.  Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings.  New ideas must use old buildings.

4.  Old buildings attract people.

5.  Older buildings are reminders of a city’s culture and complexity.

6.  Regret only goes one way.

The preservation of historic buildings is a one-way street.  There is no chance to renovate or save a historic site once it’s gone, and we can never be certain what will be valued in the future.  This reality brings to light the importance of locating and saving buildings of historic significance–because once a piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.

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