Clothing and Textiles

Browsing around the American Alliance of Museum group on LinkedIn, I came across this question “Can anyone recommend comprehensive references for clothing/costume history and terminology?” Melissa Leventon is a curator, historian, teacher, and appraiser specializing in European and American fashion and textiles provided this list of references.

Costume Dictionaries:

Anawalt, Patricia. The Worldwide History of Dress. London: Thames & Hudson, 2007. 

Baclawski, Karen. The Guide to Historic Costume. New York : Drama Book Publishers, 1995. 

Calasibetta, Charlotte Mankey. Essential Terms of Fashion : A Collection of Definitions. New York : Fairchild Publications, c1986. 

Callan, Georgina O’Hara. The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers. New York : Thames and Hudson, 1998. 

Cumming, Valerie, and C. and P. Cunnington. The Dictionary of Fashion History. London: Bloomsbury, 2010. 

Davies, Stephanie Curtis. Costume Language : A Dictionary of Dress Terms. Malvern : Cressrelles, 1994. 

Leventon, Melissa ed. Costume Worldwide: A Historical Sourcebook. London: Thames & Hudson, 2008. 

Newman, Alex and Zakee Shariff. Fashion A to Z: An Illustrated Dictionary. London: Laurence King, 2009 

Yarwood, Doreen. Encyclopedia of World Costume. New York: Scribner, c1978. 

Cunnington, C. Willett, Phillis Cunnington and Charles Beard. A Dictionary of English Costume [900-1900] Philadelphia, Dufour Editions, 1960. 

Wilcox, R. Turner. The Dictionary of Costume. New York, Scribner [1969]

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