Save Your Family Photographs

SAVING YOUR/OUR HERITAGEOld-Family-Photo-GraphicsFairy

Every year, May is recognized as the month to save our heritage and museums, archives, historical societies, etc., around the world takes a look at their disaster preparedness plan.

You can save your heritage by taking care of the items that documents your family history.
Here are a few tips to help you save your family photographs.


Display copies of important photographs instead of the originals. If the originals are dis-played, keep light exposure to a minimum.

 Display on wall that get the least amount of sun.
 Turn off the lights when no one is in the room.
 When away for an extended period of time, close drapes and/or blind to keep out the sun.


 Store photographs in a cool, dry place. Avoid attics and basements.
 Store in acid free envelopes or sleeves.
 When purchasing photo albums, purchase those that are acid free.
 Never put adhesive on your photographs.
 Use photo corners when mounting to paper.
 Use a soft pencil to label the backs of the photographs or the paper the photo is mounted on.
 Store negatives in a separate location from the album and prints. If there is a disaster, there is a chance that either the photos or the negatives will survive.

To be sure that your photographs survive a disaster, scan the photograph at 300-600 dpi and store onto a CD, a Flash Drive, or an External Hard Drive. Put these into your safe deposit box at the bank or send them to another family in a different location for safe

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