Preserving your Wedding Gown

How to care for your Wedding Gown after the WeddingPicture1

Many brides save their wedding gowns perhaps hoping their daughter will one day wear it.  Whatever the reason you keep your wedding gown, you will want to clean and store it properly as soon as possible after the wedding so that it will last for generations.

Why clean your gown:

  •  Your dress may have stains from make-up, food, wine, soda, or the hemline may have become dirty when dragging the ground and floor.
  •  When taking your gown to the cleaners, make sure they follow the cleaning instructions on the care label of your dress.
  •  Ask if they can do wet-cleaning.  This means that your dress will be rinsed with water.  You do not want your dress smelling like cleaning solvent.
  •  Once you pick up your gown from the cleaners and get it home, remove it from the plastic bag as plastic is the enemy to textiles.
  •  If you gown develops brown or orange spots, that is a sign that the dress was not cleaned properly and a stain was left behind.

How to store your gown:

  •  You should hang your gown.  Do not shove or push it into a crowded space in your closet.  The gown needs lots of space.
  •  The hanger should be padded with plain white cotton fabric or acid-free tissue paper.
  •  Cover the gown from top to bottom with a clean plain white cotton sheet or plain white cotton muslin fabric.  If you can find 100% natural, un-dyed cotton fabric that would be best.  Make sure you have lots of fabric to cover the gown loosely and that no part of the gown is folded.
  •  If the gown gets folded, it could establish crease lines that are hard to remove and sometimes can never be removed.
  •  You can also purchase an Archival Muslin Garment Bag with padded hanger from several places including Foster-Stephens, Inc. on the Internet at:
  •  Ask the bridal store where you purchased your gown, if they have access to Archival Muslin Garment Bags with padded hangers as this may save you money and eliminate the cost of shipping.






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