Businesses Located in Old Randolph, KS in 1902

Source: Randolph complied by Walter A. “Hooker” Boles

H. S. Riddle – groceries, boots

John Chelander – dealer in furniture and undertaking

S. Secrest and Sons – assisted by C. Logback and Irving Axelton

Mrs. C. V. Heath – millinery assisted by Alice and Margaret Johnson

N. P. Nordstrom – harness and saddlery making

John Parsons – roofing and spouting

Della Bloomberg – photograph gallery

F. B. Vawter – postmaster since 1897 assisted by Edward Shellembaum, also owns and operates a drug store

O. E. Edgerton – doctor here since 1885

A. Wikander – general merchandise, assisted by C. Lovgren and L. A. Hanson

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