Kansas Midland Trail Rendezvous

Here at Arts & Memories Museum, we like to share news about other organizations across Kansas.

Mark your calendar for May 3-4, 2014, to attend the Kansas Sampler Festival at Wamego, Kansas.


Issue #6             April 25, 2014

 Logged 1914   *   Tour Guide Printed 1916  *   Replaced by # Highway 1926

Addressed to the contacts for Midland Trail 100 Year Recognition:

To all Motor Tourists, in the hope that as time goes on they may travel over constantly bettering highways, with more open eyes, more receptive minds, and the most kindly desire to know their country and its people____ From the Dedication to the MIDLAND TRAIL TOUR GUIDE 1916

Progress and actions since the February 21, 2014  KANSAS  MIDLAND TRAIL  NEWS.

The first Kansas Midland Trail Rendezvous will get underway a week from tomorrow when we roundup history buffs, old car enthusiasts, road fans, tourists, explorers, artists, and storytellers at the Sampler Festival in Wamego.  It is right on the Midland Trail, ready for us: May 3rd and 4th.

Our goals for this M.T. Rendezvous are to raise awareness of the Midland Trail, to meet road enthusiasts, to share the discoveries we have made so far, and to gather new ideas for next year.

This is our schedule of activities and locations for the Midland Trail introduction in Wamego:

*Marking the M. T. in Wamego:  Friday evening: The actual trail along 6th, Lincoln, and 4th will be marked by orange and black signs on telephone and light poles, city approval pending.

*A marked pole will represent the M. T. in the opening flag walk, and placed among the flags.

*The M. T. exhibit will be in the State wide tent, with sketches from along the trail by Dave DeArmond, and historic photos recalling the towns when it was established, maps, and flyers, and the registry. Representatives of the Solomon Valley-Highway 24-Heritage Alliance will be there to welcome you and answer questions.

*Sketching the 1916 Midland Trail Across Kansas by artist Dave DeArmond will be available at the M. T. exhibit, and you will be able to meet the artist in the Kansas products tent.

*Mark Stuempel, the traffic engineer logging the original M. T. on old google maps, plans to be at the exhibit with us, continuing this work right there on his computer.

*At 12:00 noon on Saturday, the Midland Trail will be featured at a Sampler favorite, The Stump.  Marci Penner tests knowledge of Kansas facts and presents a gift to someone who does best—M. T. has a gift ready and will tell its story at The Stump.

*A small Midland Trail post will be placed in each of the area tents that were included in the route across Kansas.  Look for them in these tents:  Northeast, Flint Hills, North Central, and Northwest.

Our next issue of the Kansas Midland Trail News will review what happened as we gathered in Wamego…and begin digging into the history of the Midland Trail Town Association.

Joan Nothern, President, SV-24-HA, jnothern334@usd334.org

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